Events Overwaterfall

Photo Backdrops

Photo: Nathan Metcalf Photography

Where to begin? Which waterfall shall we choose?

At Weddings over Waterfalls, we have too many waterfall areas on the property to count.

While you’re getting your photographs taken, pay close attention to the music of the falls that surrounds you. Look. Listen. Breathe. Relax. Smile.

Owner Ken Greenwood says, “From a distance, the creek has a singular voice but as you draw closer, you begin to hear the literally dozens of smaller, more intimate conversations. It’s where the water meets the rocks, and whose togetherness as a whole create an orchestral harmony. You can hear each conversation individually. If you change position every so slightly, the conversation changes. The symphony changes. “

Like the music of the waterfalls and our awe-inspiring waterfall backdrops, no two weddings will ever be the same. No two photographs will ever be the same. Mother Nature guarantees that.