Events Overwaterfall

The Pavilion

Photos are renderings of the actual Pavilion to be completed by Winter, 2022

Proposed architectural Rendering
Proposed architectural Rendering
Proposed architectural Rendering

We are in the process of building an open air pavilion that will host 120 guests. It will have a discreet caterer’s area and restrooms.

Located to the left of the driveway, the Pavilion’s deck parallels a waterfall and babbling brook just below the bridge. Look over your other shoulder and be mesmerized by a gorgeous enchanted forest so poetically green and lush that you may imagine spotting a unicorn, leprechaun or fairy at any given time.

You will enjoy water sounds from the moment you arrive and throughout your reception. At Weddings over Waterfalls, we deliver waterfalls galore no matter where you are located on the property.

Looking up from the proposed pavilion, this is what you and your guests will see